August 14, 1999

Luis Marden Residence

This house is a private residence and is not open to the public. It is located in a wooded area that evidently overlooks the Potomac river. The driveway is not well marked, and I did not want to disturb the owners, but I did take two pictures from the driveway. 

No carports, but full garages. I don't know if they were part of the original house.
Looking down the driveway at the garages.
In July of 2000 I was contacted by someone (who preferred to remain anonymous) about their experience at the Marden Residence. Here are the excerpts from their e-mail to me:
It is no wonder to me that FLW wanted the Marden sight for his son. Who wouldn't???? <s> The river at that point is flowing rather rapidly over large boulders. Always wanted to go to the opposite bank to have a look but could never figure a way to get there...not being "into" white water rafting.
Gads, David, as to using my observations, it has been over THIRTY years since I was there and they are few and of little value to anyone. You may tell what I have said, but I would rather you not use my name.
The most striking thing to me in the interior was the fact that some of the walls did not go to the ceiling. Not being schooled in architecture, I found that extremely unusual. Also the huge expanse of windows on the front. Of course, the walls that display the beautiful paintings were also unusual, I thought.
This was a dinner for only the Mardens, my roommate from Germany who they sponsored for entry to the U.S. and myself. It was very nice and the first time I had salad as a last course. <s> Was very young and naive.
We did not see any more of the exterior than you have in the color photos you took. If I knew then what I know now, you can bet I would have seen more of it and paid MUCH more attention. Unfortunately, when you are 19, many things escape you. At the time of my visit, I was totally unfamiliar with FLW's work.
In my heart though, the house left such a lasting impression. A warm feeling like you would give anything to spend more time with it and really get to know it. Make any sense? Probably not. <s>
I appreciate receiving first-hand accounts of encounters with Wright architecture. If you are interested in having your comments published, either credited or anonymously, please contact me

The entryway to the house. I don't know the significance of the boulder.
I'd guess it is part of the original site.
The entryway to the house.

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