October 30, 1999

Sol Friedman Residence

It turns out that Samantha's aunt and uncle live just a few minutes from a Usonian community in Pleasantville. There are three Wright houses plus about 40 homes designed by Wright apprentices in the neighborhood. As you would expect, it is heavily wooded and the road was narrow. When I left this community and drove into an adjoining suburban neighborhood the houses appeared lifeless and without character. I suppose we can't all afford to live in a custom designed home that relates to its site well, but we're missing a lot.
Looking up the hill from the road at the house.
When I view these private houses it makes me wish that all Wright homes were open to the public, though I'm careful not to infringe on the homeowner's privacy. Wright homeowners must get more than their share of gawkers.
There are some pictures of the interior in The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion.
Not your everyday carport....
Looking up at the carport from the road.
For other sites in the neighborhood see the Roland and Ronny Reisley Residence and the Edward Serlin Residence.

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