March 18, 2000

Gloria Bachman and Abraham Wilson Residence

I'd been wanting to divert away from the New Jersey Turnpike on any number of occasions to visit this house, but we always seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Finally I just took off on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with my trusty map from the web. If you've never let a computer guide your driving to a remote location you have missed a treat.... it was like a road rally: "0.3 miles to ABC street, turn left, 0.7 miles to XYZ street, turn right" ... actually, it was probably very efficient, but I was glad to get to Millstone. There are canals in the area and the house itself is near a river.
The house was not too easy to find since it is set back from the street. It does not directly face the street either. Fortunately the description of the location in Storrer's book was sufficient to find it after only a couple of wrong turns.
Full house view. Click to see expanded version.
(You can click on the photograph above to see an enlarged version.)
The house is apparently still owned by the same architect noted in The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion. Evidently he has done work on at least one other FLW house in New Jersey since there was a presentation on the work at the 1999 Annual Conference (Richardson Residence) of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.
View with driveway.
The house appears to be very well maintained. The pattern in the woodwork is a typical Usonian home trait. According to Storrer, the architectural offices to the left in the picture were added in the 1980s and were not part of the original building constructed in 1954.
Front door.
The front door is simple with clean lines. Note the horizontal line emphasis in the brickwork, a common trait in FLW houses. The ivy growing on the walls is a nice touch although it brings to mind a quote of Wright's: "A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines." Of course I doubt that was the intent here!

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