March 25, 2000

Stuart Richardson Residence

On the way to visit with Samantha's aunt near Sleepy Hollow, NY we detoured off the Garden State Parkway to visit one of four Frank Lloyd Wright houses in New Jersey. This Usonian house is unusual because it uses triangular forms in the design. One of the owners graciously allowed me to take pictures of the exterior of the house.
From the outside it appears that they are maintaining the house well.
The house is located in a pleasant suburban neighborhood on a large lot. The yard is enclosed with a fence that obscures the house from the street. We had to ask directions several times to finally locate the house since we did not have the street address. (I later discovered that Storrer does list the address at the back of his book.)
Driveway entrance to the property.
The house is well set back from the street....
View of the house as you enter the yard on the driveway.
And has a typical Wright entryway that starts to bring you into
the house while you are still outside.
Covered entryway. It brings you into the house while you are still outside.
The skylight is an interesting feature, and evidently clerestory
windows are used to provide light in the house.
Skylight in the left of the picture.
The wall air conditioning unit is no doubt an add-on. New Jersey summers are hot!
View of the front of the house.
Unique pattern common to Usonian houses.
The house has a pattern cut out of wood like other Usonian houses. It does not show up well in this picture unfortunately. If anyone knows of a book that documents all of the patterns used in the Usonian houses please contact me.
Another view of the front of the house. You can see the triangular shape of the house in this photograph.
The front of this triangular house.
This is the full view of the back of the house. Again, you can see the triangular shape.
Full view of the back of the house.
A very interesting 60-year-old house. It's amazing how his houses still stand out after all this time.

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