April 01, 2000

Florida Southern College

My mother and father visited the campus of Florida Southern College and sent me some photos to post for the website. The college has the largest collection (12) of integrated Wright buildings in the world (Storrer).
Looking at the pictures puts this site high on my list of places to visit in the coming years! There is a nicevirtual walking tour at the college's website.
[Update: I was able to visit the campus myself in April of 2001. I will scan photographs and update this page when I get a chance.]
I believe the following is a picture of the E.T. Roux Library designed by Nils Schweizer (onsite supervisor for Frank Lloyd Wright). The original E.T. Roux Library is now known as the Thad Buckner Building.
The library roof. Notice the fountain in the foreground.
Here are several more photographs that they took during the visit:
Spire on the Pfeiffer Chapel.
Inside the chapel.
The entryway to the campus.

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