August 14, 2000

Herbert and Katherine Jacobs First Residence

After arriving in Madison on Sunday, my father and I toured around Madison taking pictures of  the various Wright houses in the area for most of the day on Monday. One of the most famous is the first Usonian house built for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs. Storrer says that Wright considered Alice Millard's La Miniatura (S.214) the first Usonian house, but it was exciting to see this early design that set the pattern for many to follow. If you want to see a later Usonian house check out the Pope-Leighey Residence

This first picture shows my father by our red rental car across the street to give some perspective. Consistent with the goal of creating an affordable house, you can see that it is not that large (1,560 square feet). 

Jacobs First Residence from across the street.
The following picture shows the carport and (hidden) entryway.
Jacobs First Residence, carport and entryway.
The board-and-batten siding is visible here. No gutters of course. Although you cannot see it in the photograph, the slit windows between the wall and the ceiling do not have any cutout patterns. In his later Usonian houses he included a pattern unique to each house.
Jacobs First Residence front.
Whether deliberate or not, we appreciated that there was a break in the shrubbery surrounding the lot so we could take a picture of the back of the house. We would speculate that the owners were kind enough to plan it this way to reduce the number of people knocking on their door.... This photograph is taken looking at the master bedroom.
Jacobs First Residence backyard facing master bedroom.
The house is L-shaped. The following photograph is taken facing the dining room with the living room off to the left.
Jacobs First Residence backyard facing dining room.

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