August 15, 2000

Unity Chapel

Unity Chapel was the first stop on our tour at Taliesin East. This was probably the first building that Frank Lloyd Wright designed (at least the interior), so it is only fitting that he was originally buried in the cemetery here in 1959. Many of his ancestors are buried around him including his mother, Anna Lloyd Jones.
Front gate of Unity Chapel.
Although Silsbee, Wright's employer at the time, is credited with the design of Unity Chapel, Wright was probably the draftsman and he is credited with designing the interior.
Side view of Unity Chapel.
Frank Lloyd Wright was originally buried in the family cemetery in 1959, but in 1985 he was exhumed, cremated, and placed with his third wife, Oligivanna Wright, at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona. This dying request of Oligivanna was very controversial and the events involved are described by Meryle Secrest in her biography of Wright. Our tour guide did not mention that Wright was no longer buried here.
The resting place of Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin.
In case you had thoughts of making your last resting place in "The Valley"....
In case you thought you wanted to be buried at Taliesin....

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