December 10, 2000

James B. Christie Residence

On the way to Tarrytown (NY) to help my sister-in-law move, I detoured to view the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in New Jersey that I had not seen yet. Unfortunately, the house is not visible from the street. The owner graciously permitted me to use photographs that I took from his driveway. The house appears to be well kept. Storrer has several negative comments about the quality of the original construction and orientation of the house, but I tend not to be critical of any existing FLW house since there are far fewer than I would like! (Especially in NJ :-)
Notice that the brickwork does not have the usual horizontal emphasis.
Christie Residence.
The clerestory windows (high windows used for indirect lighting) are
plain glass and do not have a pattern.
Christie Residence.
You can see this is a heavily wooded lot.
Christie Residence.
Christie Residence.
The owner says that this detached building (Storrer calls it a shop) is not a FLW building.
Detached shop (Christie Residence.)

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