April 15, 2001

Burton J. Westcott Residence

The Westcott house was built in 1904 or 1907. Although Storrer lists 1904, he also mentions sources for 1907 and according to Matt Cline, who is working on the restoration project, they have found recent evidence to confirm that the house was built in 1907.
Westcott House from Greenmount Cemetery.
The house viewed from Greenmount Cemetery.
Photograph copyright © 2000 by the
Westcott House Foundation
I've not had the pleasure of visiting the building site in person yet, but wanted to post a photograph and encourage you to visit the official website and contact Matt Cline if you would like further information or would like to contribute to the restoration effort.
The house has two large concrete urns that reminded me of the urns found at the Imperial Hotel.
One of two Urns at the Westcott House.
One of two urns located at the Westcott House.
Photograph copyright © 2000 by the
Westcott House Foundation.
If you have access to the Wasmuth folios (or more likely a reproduction :-) you will find the floorplan for this house on plate LIII. The Wasmuth folios reproduction Studies and Executed Buildings is currently in print (May 2001).

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