October 24, 2003

Aline Barnsdall Hollyhock House

On a business trip I found a couple of hours to visit two of the more famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings in the Los Angeles area. I first visited the Ennis-Brown House and then stumbled upon the Hollyhock House. It's on a small hill that stands above a commercial district. Evidently the entire block was owned by the Barnsdall's at one point, but much of the block is commercial now. The house itself was fenced off, but I received a very complete tour from the docent, Peter Reidy. I'd previously seen Peter's name in the "Wright Chat" section of the FLW Building Conservancy website so it was nice to meet him in person.

This is the traditional view of the house. Note the ornamented concrete.

A closer view and also a view of the art glass from the outside.

The back of the house. Although the house reminds me of Unity Temple,
it also has a prairie house feel here.

Again, some of the art glass in the house from the outside.

A close-up of some concrete work.

The Art Gallery on the site is not a Wright building,
but it was designed in the Wright style. That's my reflection on the door.

The entryway is extensive. The covered walkway felt somewhat like
the covered walkways at Florida Southern College

I thought the horizontal slats here were unlike
any other pattern of Wright's that I have seen.

Mr. Reidy said that the stairs on the guest house were added to meet the fire code.

The view from the hill. Note the FLW style lamp.
I don't know if the lamps are original, but I am guessing they were added later.

A view of the Ennis-Brown house using a telephoto lens.

The observatory on the hill overlooking the Hollyhock House area.
I drove up the hill to try to get a view, but unfortunately the observatory site was closed.
It was very hazy from the brush fires in the area anyway so I might not have seen much.

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