October 24, 2003

Ennis-Brown House

On a business trip to Los Angeles I found myself with a couple of extra hours to find a couple of the more famous Wright buildings in California. Unfortunately my timing was not great because there were no tours offered at the time I visited the Ennis-Brown House, but I was able to walk around the outside and take pictures. The house has some wonderful art glass so I'll have to time my visit better next time. Be sure to check out the website for the house if you're planning a visit.
The terrible fires were just starting about this time. It was extremely hazy with the smoke and I was lucky to get out of LAX when I did because they cancelled some flights the next day due to low visibility.
This is a view of the Ennis-Brown house using a 300mm telephoto lens
from the site of the Hollyhock House.

You can see the patterns in the concrete blocks here.

The house is located on a hill. The gate to the driveway is to the right of this picture.
Evidently when the house is open for tours you can park on the property.

It's a pretty steep hill....

Notice some of the damaged blocks. The exterior of the house needs repair.

And you can see some scaffolding in place. It reminded me of the time
I toured Fallingwater when it had supporting beams in place.

Some of the art glass windows. Something to look forward to on the tour....

Notice the typical Frank Lloyd Wright seamless corner windows.

The main gate entry to the parking area.

The main entryway as photographed from just outside the gate.

Note the damaged walls on the left side of the photograph.

The view from the house is no doubt better, but this shows
the haze from the smoke in the air.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

It's an amazing property with so much special architecture. I'm researching stops for Master Ang of <a href="https://www.rising-dragon.co.uk>Rising Dragon Feng Shui consultants</a> to check out when she heads that way soon only it looks derelict and the link you gave for their website comes up that their site registration expired. I just wanted to reach out to you and see if you know any more about it's current state. Can we visit it? Are there other buildings which would be a better monument to visit in the area?

Many thanks,


Dave Sides said...

Hi Charlotte,

I've fixed the link. Evidently it has changed to http://ennishouse.com. I've not been there since 2003, but check out their website. The Holly Hock house as mentioned is nearby as well. Enjoy!