December 14, 2004

Price Tower

Unlike many Wright buildings that I've enjoyed searching out over the years, the Price Tower stands out in the landscape and is easy to find. It ranks high on my list of favorite Wright buildings next toFallingwaterTaliesin East and Taliesin West.
I may write more later, but I wanted to get the photographs posted.
See the official website for the Price Tower for additional information.
There is a book available on the Price Tower: Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and the Skyscraper
Bartlesville Community Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's apprentice Wesley Peters, is across the steet from the Price Tower.
See below for information about Bruce Goff, a well known organic-style architect with several buildings in Bartlesville and elsewhere.
All photographs were taken in the late afternoon.
The view from across the street with the sun in the background.
Price Tower.
The entryway to the building. It houses a museum as well as a hotel.
Price Tower.
Looking up the building. The fire escape is on the left side of the photograph.
Price Tower.
The antenna on top of the building.
Price Tower.
Some details as viewed from the ground.
Price Tower.
Price Tower.
The supports for the parking carport in front of the building.
These reminded me of the supports that I saw at Florida Southern College.
Price Tower.
This is the view from the Bartlesville Community Center.
Price Tower.
The Walt Whitman inscription inside the building.
Price Tower.
Bruce Goff
The Price Tower has the Shin'En Kan Gate by Bruce Goff on display.
There is more information about the exhibit at the Price Tower website page
Bruce Goff Shin'En Kan Gate.
If you'd like to learn more about Bruce Goff the following links may be useful:
There is a booklet available (~ $18) from the Price Tower Arts Center Free Thought: The Art and Architecture of Bruce Goff that includes a listing and map of Bruce Goff designed homes in the Bartlesville area. If you happen to be touring and take photographs I would welcome the chance to start a Bruce Goff gallery.

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