October 25, 2006

George Barton Residence

This building is part of the Darwin Martin Complex, but since it is listed separately in Storrer's book I list it separately here. Our tour guide, Sandy, said that the house was built before the Martin house as something of a test for Frank Lloyd Wright by Darwin Martin. The house was built on time, but significantly over budget. Fortunately for both Wright and Martin, they had developed a friendship, so the budget was not the obstacle that it might have been otherwise. Frank Lloyd Wright was not noted for maintaining a budget, either for his clients or for himself.
The Barton House front.
This is the back of the house. As you'll see throughout all of the photos this is a site under construction. There were about a dozen workers on site during the tour.
The Barton House back.
The Darwin Martin Complex is the source of some of the best known Frank Lloyd Wright window patterns.
Window detail on the Barton House.
Window detail on the Barton House.
The following photograph shows how the Barton House is positioned relative to the Martin House.
Shows the Barton House in relation to the Martin House.

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